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From the Principal’s Desk

Let me take this golden opportunity to thank and congratulate all the students, parents and well wishers of  Holy Angels School, Rajpura for their great trust in this school. I assure you that your children are in the right place and with the right people.  Holy Angels School and its activities are  not new to you, and in many aspects you are a better judge than anyone else.  You are aware of the educational qualities and its commitments to the parents and students.  The academic performances of the students are undoubtedly  gaining newer heights every year not only in ICSE results but also in the lower formative classes.


We are also largely focusing on each child’s personal growth – their emotional development, their interpersonal skills, other life skills, values, attitudes and personal awareness required for them to emerge as winners in this increasingly complex world.olHol



The co-curricular activities for different age groups in the school has been meticulously planned with these objectives in mind.


The children in 21st century need a lot more than just information in various subjects.  He/she has to be an effective person, a good leader and an excellent entrepreneur – in all

Levels.  Holy Angels school is firmly committed to bring out a positive change in every child entrusted to us.


We also encourage and train the children to develop feelings of universal brotherhood  keeping  aside all man-made barriers.  The interaction among the students and between teachers and students are based  on the principle that everyone is basically good.  We are doing all that we can to empower the students to develop this out look towards life for the welfare of the self and of the society.


We are particularly grateful to the parents for their  overwhelming support they have pledged to the school.  We would never have achieved what we have so far  without your help and encouragement.


We look forward to your steadfast and unflinching support to take Holy Angels  School to greater heights.